Natural Hoof Care Workshop

Horse owners and caretakers

Horse owners and caretakers: empower yourself with knowledge and skill.  Learn basic functional anatomy of the hoof;  principles and practical application of natural hoof care.  Learn to do maintenance on your horses' hooves between professional trims.   Learn rasping techniques and frog manegement.  Explore natural solutions to common pathologies.  We also touch on laminitis; navicular issues; diet and lifestyle.
Classroom; hands on and private lessons.

Package deals on classes; diagnostic consultations; private tutoring on your horse; and "Set up Trims" 

Consultation on chronic issues such as laminitis, cracking, tenderfootedness etc . . 

Online Photo Database from Cornell U – Horse Hoof and Lower Leg Anatomy

Class 1 / December 9th 2018

2:00 to 3:30pm
Functional anatomy; the wild hoof vs the domestic hoof.  Common stuctural issues with domestic and shod hooves.

Hands On:  Learn how to safely use you body while working on the horse's hooves.  Proper ergonomics, how to hold and use the tools.

Class 2 / January 6th 2019

2:00 to3:30pm
Frog management; more on tools,  trimming strategies; natural solutions to common issues; correcting flaring; white line separation; compressed lateral cartilages etc . .

More on body position and ergonomics; rasping and trimming techniques and practice.

Photo of a wild mustang's front hoof by
Judy Barnes

Workshop / Classes Only

$75 plus tax   Single Class $45 plus tax

Attend the two class room and "hands on" sessons.  Sunday December 9th and Sunday January 6th.  Super informative and enlightening.  Hand outs, diagrams and interactive learning.
You will have a much greater understanding of your horse's hooves and what natural hoof care really is.

Whole Package:  two classes; set up trim on your horse and one hour private consultation/tutoring.

$185  plus tax and travel fees (this is a $215 value)

In addition to the two classes; you'l receive a "set up trim"; setting your horse up for a transition into a natural hoof; and you will benefit from the one hour private instruction on how to do basic maintenance on the hooves between profession trims.  

Individual Pricing for Classes and Services

Single class:  $45 plus tax 
Set up Trim:  $75 to  $85 plust travel fees and tax
1 Hour private instruction, consultation or tutoring:  $50 per  hour plus travel fees and tax
​Routine trimming:  $40 and up plus travel fees and tax

Benefits of Barefoot and of learning to maintain your horses' hooves.

  • Get your horses'; hooves in the best shape they've ever been in.
  • Empower youself with the ability to take care of your horse in a whole new way.
  • Enjoy your horses' greater health, comfort and ease of movement.
  • Save money.